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Country Brazil
City São Paulo
Snail mail Rua Vitorino Carmilo, 459 - Santa Cecília - São Paulo, SP, Brazil - CEP 01153-000
Founding 2009/06/23
Members ~15 official, ~120 on mailing list
Membership fee R$80-40, but open to non-members
Size 12m² basement
IRC #hackerspace-sp at
Mailing list
Twitter/ @garoahc, !garoa
Status active

Our hackerspace, now renamed Garoa Hacker Clube, is at an early stage. We are discussing the creation of a non-profit association to support our finances and organization. We are currently planning hacking activities. From Nov 18 2010 there will be a weekly Arduino day. We have been in a permanent space for 3 onths, and it is constantly being improved. We still need to purchase lots of equipment. We have a Cupcake CNC, Arduinos, basic electronics, soldering tools, old hardware and books.


Our hackerspace is located at the basement of the CCD (House of Digital Culture), in Santa Cecilia district, downtown Sao Paulo. The hackerspace is currently active. Some members have the key to the space, and we usually hang out there on weekends and at night on special days during the week.

   Address: Rua Vitorino Carmilo, 459 - Santa Cecília - São Paulo, SP, Brazil - CEP 01153-000

Inauguration of our space

On Saturday, August 28th 2010, GHC (Garoa Hacker Clube) was inaugurated in a small room at Casa da Cultura Digital (House of Digital Culture). We stayed there from 10am until approx. 8pm and around 11 people attended. We have done some maintenance work in the room, installing power outlets and better ambient illumination. We also installed a new shelf in one of the walls where we intend to accommodate some instruments (oscilloscope?) in the near future.

There was a lot of conversation and ideas exchange. We also had short informal tutoring on digital electronics and soldering.


We are starting to run regular events.

Tuesdays, 7:30pm BRT - General Meeting (every 2 weeks, check website for details)

Thursdays, 7:30pm BRT - Arduino Night learn, teach, build and hack Arduinos

Saturdays, from 10am BRT - Open Hack Day Saturday seems to be the day with more people hanging out at the space, but is not a regular activity. Ask on the mailing list.

   Garoa always welcomes visitors. It is an open space. Just check if it will be actually open (I mean, the door).