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Template documentation

This template is used to provide images with captions as an alternative to the ugly image captions that come with MediaWiki.


  • file= Sets which file to use. Default value is 1AKC Samoyed Dog Show 2011.jpg.
  • width= The maximum width of the image. Note that the image gets smaller so that it is never more than a certain percentage of the browser window. Defaults to 400px.
  • percentage= The percent width of the browser window the image takes up. The width proportionality is maintained until the image is at the maximum size; it does not get better. Defaults to 50%.
  • align= Sets alignment of image and caption block. Options are right, left, center, and none. Default is right.
  • caption= Places a caption beneath the image, and also serves as the alt text. Optional.
  • padding= Gives the option to turn off padding, in case the image is part of a floating div already. Default is to include padding; turn off by setting parameter to "no".
  • link= Allows the image to link to a different page. Default is to link to the image description page. Set link= to nothing and the image will not be clickable