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Latin America eCrime Evolution

Horário: 10:10 as 11:00

Duração: 40 minutos (mais 10 minutos para perguntas e respostas)

Local: Auditório Principal

Nível: Intermediário / Avançado


In recent years, Latin America has become a highly safe territory for the active attracting of victims through various criminal operations. So much so that today the countries of the region are part of the list of targets of attacks not only from cybercriminals of Eastern Europe but also Latin American cybercriminals who are inspired by the underground economy expands every day harder.

"Latin America eCrime Evolution" describes an important list of crimeware developed in the region under a coherent chronological order, underscores the negative impact that malware has regional and, among other things, what are the patterns that interconnect the propagation cycle and their campaigns.

  • Introduction to Latin American crimeware: Generate an overview of the situation in Latin America in terms of crimeware and malware development, with statistics on the countries with the highest rate of infection and development.
  • A retrospective vision: Timeline to describe the evolution undergone by the crimeware/botnets in the region. Describing a set of crimeware and botnets together with employees to manage and configure the stolen data attack strategies.
  • Connections between different crimeware: Describe how to operate the Latin American botmasters low comparative techniques around their strategies to spread/infection.
  • Patterns between different attack campaigns: Comparative techniques on the most relevant patterns shared by malicious code developed in Latin America, spread under different campaigns and across different botnets.
  • Latin American eCrime ROI: Comparison of supply/demand, costs and return on investment of the cybercriminals.
  • Is it enough to malware analysis?: What measures can be implemented to improve processes towards the regional fight against cybercrime.
  • Conclusion/trend.


Jorge Mieres, Malware Analyst, Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT), Kaspersky Lab

Creator and head of the MalwareIntelligence (www.malwareint.com) which now has his blog in English (malwareint.blogspot.com) and Spanish, and two divisions: SecurityIntelligence (securityint.blogspot.com) and Malware Disasters (malwaredisasters.blogspot.com).