De Garoa Hacker Clube
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The information on this page may be outdated. Please refer to Garoa's page on hackerspaces.org, which may also be outdated.

Country Brazil
City São Paulo
Snail mail Rua Costa Carvalho, 567 FUNDOS - Pinheiros - São Paulo, SP, Brazil - CEP 05429-130
Founding 2009-06-23: on-line community
2010-08-26: space opening
2011-02-20: official foundation
Members 40+ official members, +3200 mailing list users (Set/2017).
Membership fee R$85 or R$130
Size 100m² house, with 6 rooms, kitchen and a courtyard.
IRC #garoa at irc.freenode.net
Mailing list hackerspacesp@googlegroups.com
Twitter @garoahc
Identi.ca !garoa
Status active
Our first space was the basement of this townhouse. We now have more room, but it is not the same beautiful house as before.

Garoa Hacker Clube is a hackerspace in São Paulo, the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere.

Garoa is an open and collaborative space, providing infrastructure for technology enthusiasts who wishes to create projects related to many areas such as security, hardware, electronics, robotics, modelism, software, biology, music, arts and whatever can be imagined.

In other words, it is a community-run laboratory where people can exchange knowledge and experiences, meet, socialize, collaborate and share.

Our core principles are:

  • free and universal access to the knowledge generated under our premises
  • self-funding through our member fees and community donations
  • freedom for members to propose and implement individual or collective projects

Planned since mid-2009 and building since August 2010, Garoa Hacker Clube is officially up and running. Since November 2010 there is a weekly Arduino night. We've been in a permanent space since September 2010, and it is constantly being improved. We have a 3D printer, a CNC machine, Arduinos and other embedded platforms, basic electronic components, power supplies, a function generator, an oscilloscope, soldering irons and PCB manufacturing tools, old hardware, books, oldschool video games and a homebrew pinball machine. On February 20th 2011 we have setup a non-profit association to support our finances and organization. On February 2013 we moved to much larger facilities, with a multi-use conference room, electronics lab, a kitchen, a library, a studio/game room, a storage room, a dark/dirty room and lots of space to make barbecue and socialize.


We're in São Paulo west zone, 3 minutes walk from Pinheiros subway/commuter rail station. The hackerspace is currently active and open to visitors whenever someone is there. Members have the key to the space, and we usually hang out there on week days after 19h30 and also on Saturdays in the afternoon.


We run a few (almost) regular events, which you are invited to attend. Some of them are listed here:

Wednesday, 7:30pm BRT - Data Science Group

Thursdays, 7:30pm BRT - Arduino Night learn, teach, build, share and hack Arduinos

Fridays, 7:30pm BRT - Open Hack Night

The last Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm BRT - Processing Night Art and creative coding, mostly with Processing

Garoa always welcomes visitors. It is an open space. Just check if there will be somebody there to open the door for you.